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Optimize and Socialize Your Content Marketing Strategy – March 20 2012

March 21st, 2012 | Posted by andrew in Uncategorized


Radian6 hosted Lee Odden, author of Optimize and blogger at TopRankBlog.com, to discuss how to optimize your content marketing pieces to put them to their best use.  Odden shared some great tidbits with the audience.

Many online marketers focus their attentions on Google, which isn’t inappropriate given that the behemoth carries around 70% of search market share, around 11 billion queries per month.  Odden asked everyone to consider what if Google disappeared tomorrow.  What would that do to your business?  What would that do to your marketing?

Instead, Odden says that marketers should optimize for their audience, not each medium.  For example, rather than optimizing for Google, you should know your audience and what makes them tick.  Who are your customers? How and where do they interact with your content? What devices do they use to interact with your content – desktop? mobile? tablet? And what inspires them to take action, whether it be buying your product or sharing your content/referring you to friends?

If you optimize for your audience, you transcend Google, social or other outlets.

In order to do this, you must put together an editorial calendar.  Odden suggests planning out six months, but at least aim for quarterly.  Allow room for surprises.  And look at a hub-and-spoke model, with the hub being your main idea and the spokes being where all that idea will take the form of content.  For example, your spokes could be a post on your blog, a video on YouTube, a post on Facebook and a series of tweets.

Make sure to keep your content fresh and relevant, speaking to your customers’ and potential customers’ pain points.  This can be done by looking at your website’s analytics, as well as polling your current clients, your sales reps and your customer service team.

How do you optimize your content strategy? How are you making sure you’re content is relevant?

Stephanie Nelson is Owner/Social Media Maven at SBN Marketing, a Charlotte-area social media marketing firm focused on hyperlocal search results for small businesses. Connect with her on Twitter at @StephanieNelson or @SBNMktg.


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