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HIPPO Marketing Event – January 12th 2012

January 16th, 2012 | Posted by andrew in Uncategorized

HIPPO Marketing Charlotte

Last week, HIPPO Internet Marketing held its annual Predictions meetup.  The panel was made up of Corey Creed, president and founder of Hippo Internet Marketing, and Brandon Uttley, CEO at Command Partners, a Charlotte-based online marketing firm.

Like other Predictions meetups before it, this one took a look back at what the previous year had held and what the panel felt the current year will bring.

One of the first points discussed, which came back around throughout the night, was mobile. Mobile is getting more and more important each year with more people accessing their online content via smartphones and tablets. You MUST know what your site, blog, etc looks like in a mobile setting; if it looks bad, you HAVE to fix it.

It was also predicted that content will remain king. But there’s a lot of content out there, so you must create content that draws people to it.

The fighting between Google, Amazon, Apple and Facebook/Microsoft is only going to get worse.  Plus, with Google’s recent changes that put Google+ pages appear in search results above even paid search listings, Google+ pages are becoming more important for businesses.  Uttley even suggested getting one immediately for your business, if you don’t have one already.

One of Mr. Creed’s predictions was that behavioral marketing will be 2012’s next big thing. This entails using Google AdWords Remarketing to target your ads to searchers based on what they do instead of their search terms or the content they look at. What a huge opportunity for marketers!

The last major prediction was that Internet marketing is going to get harder. As such, it’s going to get more in demand. In return, those who truly know what they’re doing will succeed; for those who don’t, it will become evident.

Other tidbits among the predictions were:

  • Marketers/agencies will need to be able to deliver hard data on social media efforts.
  • Call tracking is going to be big, especially for e-commerce sites.
  • Social media monetization – getting rewarded for check-ins – will be a 2012 “next big thing.”
  • If you’re into apps, you’re going to have to make sure there’s a value for the user.
  • LinkedIn Today and Summify are great ways to get news.

So what are your thoughts on the predictions? Anything you agree or disagree with? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

[Photo credit: Molly Dockery Photography]

Stephanie Nelson is Owner/Social Media Maven at SBN Marketing, a Charlotte-area social media marketing firm focused on hyperlocal search results for small businesses. Connect with her on Twitter at @StephanieNelson or @SBNMktg.


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