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Content Marketing is Changing Everything January 31 2012

February 3rd, 2012 | Posted by andrew in Uncategorized

How Content Marketing Is Changing Everything

Social Media Today collaborated with CC Chapman and Maggie Fox to discuss content marketing and how it’s changing the face of what companies are putting out.

Basically, the trick now is not just putting out content.  Anybody and everybody is tweeting, Facebooking, YouTube-ing, etc. The bar has been raised, and you must now be putting out content that people want to engage with and share.  Additionally, all of your content needs to mesh – your print ads, your blog, your whitepapers, etc.

If that didn’t put enough pressure on you, Chapman and Fox also stressed that you now have to EARN people’s attention.  You have to be pushing out the right information at the right time, in the right place.

So that’s the bad news.  The good news is that people are consuming content like they never have before.  They are taking it all in through tv, phones, tablets and more!  Plus, the analytics allowed to you from the different online outlets give you great information on what content is working and what isn’t.

Couple that with the fact that content is really anything you create and share to tell your story.  While you do need the big pieces, like blog posts, marketing pieces like mailers and ads, and shareable presentations, you need the small pieces, too – like kindling for your content fire.  These small pieces can be pictures you share on Facebook, a link you share on Twitter or an update you put on LinkedIn.

So what types of content are you producing?  What types of “content kindling” are you missing out on?

Stephanie Nelson is Owner/Social Media Maven at SBN Marketing, a Charlotte-area social media marketing firm focused on hyperlocal search results for small businesses. Connect with her on Twitter at @StephanieNelson or @SBNMktg.


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