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Becoming a Marketing Technologist – April 18 2012

April 28th, 2012 | Posted by andrew in Uncategorized

BMA Carolinas recently brought in John Kennedy of IBM to talk to the audience about becoming a marketing technologist and how technology is changing the role of marketers.  Some of his key points included:

As Mr. Kennedy pointed out, 79% of CMOs feel there will be a high complexity in their jobs within the next 5 years, but only 48% feel prepared for that change.

Consumers increasingly expect a highly tailored experience in every transaction, meaning the task of sorting through data is falling to marketers these days.  Consumers want to know from companies: Do you know me?  What’s in it for me?  Why should I trust you?  And if you can’t answer those questions, you run the large risk of losing that customer’s business.

People are moving more and more toward wanting to be treated as individuals, not a demographic or psychographic.  As such, marketers are having to change what they mean by “benefit” to their clients.  It’s no longer good enough to just provide a good product.  Through the Internet, benefits now also include communities, tools, apps and such.  And these are now necessary to keep a client’s business.

Buyers know more now about the companies behind the product, as well as companies knowing more about their customers, and that matters.  A company’s values, hiring practices, etc. make a difference to consumers, and those pieces influence where people buy.  Marketers have to keep this in mind in every facet of their businesses.

How is technology affecting your marketing strategies and your marketing department?

Stephanie Nelson is Owner/Social Media Maven at SBN Marketing, a Charlotte-area social media marketing firm focused on hyperlocal search results for small businesses. Connect with her on Twitter at @StephanieNelson or @SBNMktg.


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